Turning Services Into Solutions

First we need to talk so we can understand your needs. We'll discuss the big picture and then start working together with something small and simple. Here are some things we'd like to know about you:

  • Are you focused on lead identification, pursuit, or capture?
  • Are you concerned with pre-RFP pursuit or the proposal phase?
  • Which do you need more: process, reviews, quality improvement, or help with execution?
  • Do you need training, reviews, or us to do it for you?
  • Will we work with your executives, your staff, or both?
  • Are you picturing adhoc projects as they come up or planned sessions?

Then we need to figure out what level of effort is required to achieve your goals.

Here are some things we can share about the way we like to work:

  • We like to take training and spread it out into monthly online sessions. We can wrap the training around real-world proposals, have more time for exercises, and really focus on developing skills. But we can do the traditional classroom based approach when it's appropriate.
  • Reviews are a teaching moment. You get to see our recommendations in practice in your specific circumstances. To get the most out of your budget, focus on reviews. A little bit of our time will help you get the most out of your efforts.
  • Sometimes you have to put a hold on all that corporate development stuff and focus on getting a bid out the door. We're flexible like that. The whole point of our approach is that we're there when you need us, in the way that you need us.
  • We can work with your executives, your subject matter experts, your business developers, and your proposal specialists. Each has different needs, but all need to be part of winning.

Examples that blend training, reviews, coaching, and hands on help writing, reviewing, and winning proposals:

With a 40-hour pool we can provide the following level of support over about 6 months:

  • Review a couple of your proposals
  • Provide 10 hours of writing to help you perfect your proposals
  • Conduct three 2-hour online training sessions
  • Provide an hour of coaching every other week to help you implement the right processes and continuously raise the bar

The result will help your staff understand our approach to proposal quality and what it takes to achieve it.

With a 100-hour pool we can provide the following level of support over a full year:

  • Provide 3 days of support to 2 proposals (or 6 days to 1 proposal or 1 day to 6 proposals)
  • Review 4 of your proposals
  • Conduct a series of monthly 2-hour customized training webinars
  • Provide an hour of coaching every other week for a year

The result will teach your staff our approach to winning proposals, but do it applied to your specific environment using real proposals to reinforce the lessons.

This example is about taking a company's bid strategies to a higher level and focusing on what it will take to win. It's based on a pool of 123 hours spread over a year:

  • Participate in 24 bid/no bid or Readiness Review sessions
  • Provide 8 hours/month of writing, reviewing, or planning (or support one big proposal or several small proposals)
  • Conduct monthly 2-hour strategic planning sessions designed to cover the key topics over a year
  • Provide bi-weekly process implementation guidance
  • Provide quarterly executive coaching sessions

How much do we charge per hour? It depends on the mix of skills you require. We can use a blended rate to keep it as low as possible, but until we understand your needs we don't know whether that will be closer to $100/hr or $200/hr. It will probably be somewhere in the middle. The better we understand your needs, the less we have to guess on the high side. The larger the pool of hours, the lower the rate.

Compare what we do to the cost of hiring an experienced in-house expert. Our approach offers a great value that maximizes your ROI. If you pair our expertise with mid-level local staff, you get a highly leveraged and cost-effective solution to winning in writing. And after working together for a while, we'll turn them into your own in-house experts.


Call 1-800-848-1563 and we'll have a conversation about your goals and what you want to achieve. We'll make some recommendations and we'll figure out if we're a match for each other.

PaperworkBased on our conversation, we'll send you a set of documents: Statement of Work, Consulting Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement (so you can trust us with your information), and a W-9 (IRS form). You can make changes until you're satisfied and approve. You'll still be able to add, cancel, or change tasks as we go along. We have everything staged and ready to go to make the paperwork quick and easy.
Account SetupOnce the documents are approved we'll create an account that you can access. As we do work on your behalf, we'll bill against your account. You'll be able to view or print records for your file. It's all electronic, quick, and easy. You can even cancel and get a payout of any unbilled funds at any time to provide you with risk mitigation.
Start!We get to work on your behalf, confident that we understand each other's expectations. The whole set-up can be done in a few hours if you're in a hurry, but most folks take a few days.

It all starts with a conversation:

Here are some things we can talk about when you call 1-800-848-1563:

  • Improving your proposals and win rates
  • Business development
  • Capturing more of your pursuits
  • Process implementation and improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Metrics and the analytics of winning
  • Competing as a small business
  • Solving BD and proposal issues at the enterprise level
  • The similarities and differences between Business to Business (B2B) vs. Government Contracting (B2G)

Services we provide...

  • Training, coaching, and staff development
  • Proposal quality validation and reviews
  • CxO and enterprise development consultation
  • Lead generation, targeting, prospecting, and qualification
  • Proposal management and production
  • Writing
  • Strategy and planning
  • Process development and implementation
  • Advice you can trust