David Lowe

David is an expert in sales training and sales management for government contractors.

His firm, isiFederal, has a proprietary database that enables him to discover who in the government buys what you sell, so you can make contact, establish relationships, identify and qualify leads, and close deals. Only rather than sell access to it like Input or Centurion, he prepares custom reports for lead tracking and developing a contact plan. This is the first thing people do with subscription services anyway. Only instead of getting the database and then having to figure out what to chase, a Market Assessment from isiFederal will give you information that you can act on immediately.

When you combine the data with the services he offers, you get a solution. Sometimes that solution is David training and managing your sales people to focus on the right targets and pursuit strategies. Sometimes the solution is David's company providing sales people to act on your behalf to bridge the gap until you can hire your own.

When you call, we'll have a conversation about your goals and what you want to achieve. Depending on your needs we'll recommend one of our Virtual Vice Presidents like David. If you'd like to talk directly with David, let us know and we'll put you in touch.

It all starts with a conversation:


  • Federal market assessment to identify who buys what you sell
  • Sales training to boost the skills of your own staff
  • Sales management to coach and guide your staff to achieve successful results
  • Relationship marketing and customer contacts
  • DC representation
  • Prospecting, lead qualification, and capture
  • Intelligence gathering

Key Qualifications

  • 10 years of successful sales experience
  • The best customer interaction skills
  • Proprietary database of the Federal marketplace
  • Managed sales representatives to close ratios of 85%

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  • YouTube Channel. David has produced dozens of useful presentations and videos on doing business in the Federal marketplace.
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