Carl Dickson

As the founder of, I have spent the last 12 years writing over a thousand pages worth of material on how to develop business and prepare proposals.

This included creating the MustWin Process, the only off-the-shelf set of ready-to-use proposal process documentation that I'm aware of. For the MustWin Process I created innovative solutions for:

  • How to get into position to be ready to win before the RFP is released.
  • How to figure out what should go into your proposal in order to make it reflect what it will take to win
  • How to define what a quality proposal is and validate that what you have written achieves it

My recommendations have been vetted by several million readers. Approximately 65,000 of them subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get more of them. The best way to discover if my recommendations are any good is to read a few of them. Several hundred examples are available at and PropLIBRARY.

I love teaching, coaching, and proposal writing. Most of my effort these days goes into PropLIBRARY. But I still take on projects, both large and small, because if you don't test your recommendations in the field, they aren't worth much. I enjoy helping small companies defeat much larger ones. But I also enjoy the challenges of enterprise level issues.

When you call, we'll have a conversation about your goals and what you want to achieve. I'll make some recommendations and we'll figure out if we're a match for each other or if one of our other Virtual Vice Presidents would be a better fit. Once we understand each other, I'll set things up online for your approval. If I didn't understand anything, you'll be able to change it before we start. Once you're satisfied, we'll get started.

It all starts with a conversation:


  • Proposal writing
  • Proposal reviews and quality assurance
  • Training, both online and in person
  • Coaching and staff development
  • Process implementation

Key Qualifications

  • Founder of and leader for 11 years
  • Developer of the MustWin Process
  • Publisher of a weekly newsletter for 12 years with a current distribution of 65,000+ people
  • Author of dozens of tutorials and guides with tens of thousands of customers
  • Author of approximately 400 articles on business development and proposals
  • Manager, writer, or contributor to more than 500 proposals
  • 25 years of experience overall, all of it in proposals and business development

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  • Carl wrote hundreds of the articles posted here.
  • PropLIBRARY. Carl created this resource, including most of the content in the MustWin Process, Recipe, and Training libraries.
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