About us

Virtual VP Services isn't about being everything to everybody or providing any consulting service we can. Virtual VP Services is about going straight to the top to get the most qualified advisors and consultants, but doing it in a way that makes them available even if you just need a little help. This makes it more economical to get the help you need to beat your competition.

If you want to find out what one of the top-level experts in the industry can do to help your business, you've come to the right place. Virtual VP Services gives you direct access to Carl Dickson, the founder of CapturePlanning.com, the lead developer of PropLIBRARY, and the author of the MustWin Process. Here is Carl's LinkedIn profile if you want to check out his qualifications or connect with him.

Virtual VP Services also gives you access to our key partners and content developers, all experts in their own right. This greatly expands the scope of our services and increases our capacity. The Virtual VP Services platform makes it easy for us to mix and match to best meet your particular needs.

For years, we were just a publishing business. Millions of people have read and vetted the material we publish, with nearly a hundred thousand getting our weekly updates. But when we started offering Corporate Subscriptions through PropLIBRARY, we kept getting asked to provide more and more services. Once we developed the tools for managing service delivery, we decided to launch Virtual VP Services and help an even larger audience.

If you have followed what we've published for the last 12 years, now you can also get help directly from the experts you know and trust. If you have only recently discovered us, we are easy enough to vet. Check out the hundreds of articles or dozens of ebooks we've published and assess our expertise for yourself. Then call us so we can discuss how it all applies to your circumstances.

It all starts with a conversation:

This site is part of the CapturePlanning.com Network which includes:

  • The original CapturePlanning.com where you can get individual tutorials that we've published along with a few hundred free articles. For the last 12 years, this site has been one of the most popular destinations on the web to learn about business and proposal development because of its huge library of free content. We're talking millions of visitors and tens of thousands of customers. You don't get there without being credible.
  • PropLIBRARY, our members-only subscription site where we've taken the best of what we've published, like the MustWin Process, and turned it into a tool that you can use every day to win business.
  • Our discussion group on LinkedIn, which provides a place for nearly 20,000 professionals to discuss growing their businesses.
  • The Winning in Writing newsletter, which every week is distributed to more than 65,000 opt-in subscribers. We built this audience by publishing something that's useful. But it also means that our recommendations are vetted by a huge audience.

Here are some things we can talk about when you call 1-800-848-1563:

  • Improving your proposals and win rates
  • Business development
  • Capturing more of your pursuits
  • Process implementation and improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Metrics and the analytics of winning
  • Competing as a small business
  • Solving BD and proposal issues at the enterprise level
  • The similarities and differences between Business to Business (B2B) vs. Government Contracting (B2G)

Services we provide...

  • Training, coaching, and staff development
  • Proposal quality validation and reviews
  • CxO and enterprise development consultation
  • Lead generation, targeting, prospecting, and qualification
  • Proposal management and production
  • Writing
  • Strategy and planning
  • Process development and implementation
  • Advice you can trust