Virtual VP Services helps companies grow by planning strategy, identifying leads, positioning to win them, writing proposals, and capturing the business.

Get advice and help from the same experts who write what you've been reading on the and PropLIBRARY web sites for the last 12 years.

We'll show you how to apply our recommendations directly to your circumstances and help you develop your own organization’s ability to win in writing. We seek strategic relationships where we work with you until we’ve obsoleted ourselves and are no longer needed.

If you just need someone to do a proposal for you, try doing a search on LinkedIn for proposal consultants. If you want the people who train the consultants to inspire and guide your organization to win and grow, you’ve come to the right place.

We seek strategic relationships that are as much about developing a company's ability to consistently win as they are about submitting bids. We want to be a virtual part of your team that makes your own internal staff more productive and helps them perform at a higher level.

But we recognize that jumping into something long term is scary.

So let’s start with something simple like a review, a training session, or rewriting an Executive Summary. Then we can set up a pool of hours that you can use a little at a time over months or all at once on an important pursuit. That way you can call us whenever you need to and ask us to review something, give advice, provide training, or help win something. Click here to see how this turns services into solutions, and for examples and more details on how we like to work.

Let’s start with a conversation and figure out what’s best for you. It’s usually a mixture of timing, budget, capabilities of your internal staff, and how you want to grow. That gives us plenty to talk about.

It all starts with a conversation:

Meet the experts who will help you develop business and win your pursuits

Carl Dickson

Carl is the founder of and PropLIBRARY, and lead developer of the MustWin Process. Over the last 12 years, he has published more material on business and proposal development that has been read by more people than anyone else on the planet.


Mark Amtower

Mark is an award-winning government contracting consultant, social media expert, LinkedIn Black Belt, keynote speaker, and Amazon best-seller. If you want to learn how to turn LinkedIn into a competitive advantage, he is the recognized expert.


David Lowe

David is an expert in sales management and staff development for government contractors. He helps companies find who in the government buys what they sell, make contact, establish relationships, identify and qualify leads, and close deals.


Mike Parkinson

Mike Parkinson is an internationally recognized visual communication expert. He has spearheaded multi-billion dollar projects and created thousands of graphics resulting in billions of dollars in increased revenue for his clients.


Eileen Kent

Eileen is a business development specialist who has taught over 10,000 students how to do business with the Federal Government. In addition to being a top trainer, she is a sales strategist and one-on-one coach.


Robert Kelly

Bob is a pursuit capture specialist, offering more than 40 years' experience, including an impressive win rate capturing pursuits in the defense and intelligence markets valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.


It all starts with a conversation:

Here are some things we can talk about when you call 1-800-848-1563:

  • Improving your proposals and win rates
  • Business development
  • Capturing more of your pursuits
  • Process implementation and improvement
  • Strategic planning
  • Metrics and the analytics of winning
  • Competing as a small business
  • Solving BD and proposal issues at the enterprise level
  • The similarities and differences between Business to Business (B2B) vs. Government Contracting (B2G)

Services we provide...

  • Training, coaching, and staff development
  • Proposal quality validation and reviews
  • CxO and enterprise development consultation
  • Lead generation, targeting, prospecting, and qualification
  • Proposal management and production
  • Writing
  • Strategy and planning
  • Process development and implementation
  • Advice you can trust


Carl has been very essential in my personal success and growth in business development as well as in metrics tracking. With Carl's guidance and training, not only have I grown but Chesapeake has won three large MATO contracts in the last year directly related to Carl's expertise and guidance. Carl goes beyond proposal writing, he challenges you to think outside of the box and to think like your customer.
Pam Thompson,
Director of Business Development at Chesapeake Government Health Services

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